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Chef Megan Gordon

About Megan

I'm Megan Gordon the Chef at Copper Kettle, I have a love for all things cooking and baking. I remember dragging my little blue cookie monster chair into the kitchen to watch my mom make some delicious creations in the kitchen. It was mesmerizing! There's nothing as good as moms comfort food cooking. 

Back in 2009 my mom and I opened up a storefront to share our love of cooking and baking. We were a from scratch cafe, although I loved having my own business it just wasn't doable as in 2010 I became engaged and we knew we wanted to start a family right away. We closed the cafe in 2011 after Chris (my now husband) and I got married. Throughout my lull I still had customers calling asking for special orders, I knew this was my calling and I needed to get back into what I love. This is where Copper Kettle To Go has come to be.   

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